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Today’s post is a glimpse into the everyday life of one of our brilliant Salesforce consultants, Jennifer Gee.

My Background

My name is Jennifer Gee, and I’m a Salesforce Consultant at Kadence Collective. I was born in South Korea (my parents were in the military), but Texas is home. I attended the University of North Texas, where I received a degree in Fine Arts and Photography.

However, when it became difficult to support myself as a photographer, I moved to the insurance business and began working at USAA. During my time at USAA, I had a variety of roles and began taking courses for a master’s degree. I took a few courses in Java and Data Administration that lead me to move to a team of Business Applications Analysts who worked with Salesforce (among other applications), which ultimately allowed me to become more involved with the platform. I eventually joined the Salesforce team at USAA with Rob Martinez (now our Kadence Collective managing director). Down the road when Rob founded Kadence Collective, I joined the team as a Salesforce Consultant, and the rest is history.

My Typical Day

Here is what my average day looks like as a Salesforce Consultant at Kadence.

7:30 am – I wake up and get ready for the day. I sometimes work from home, but most days I go to the office in the downtown San Antonio Tech District.

9:00 am – I arrive at the office, pour myself a cup of tea, and begin tackling my inbox by prioritizing emails from clients first, then all other emails. As a Salesforce Consultant, a lot of my time is spent answering questions and communicating with our clients.

9:30 am – Every day, we have a team meeting where we discuss the accounts that need the most attention. This allows everyone to prioritize tasks for the day. As a Salesforce Consultant, one of my job duties is identifying when we should leverage declarative development, which a Consultant can handle, or custom code, which I then pass to one of our Salesforce Developers. These meetings are very important because they allow Developers, Project Managers, and Consultants to be on the same page for each client’s status.

10:30 am After the meeting, I leave understanding my priorities for the week and check if Luke, a new Kadence Salesforce Consultant, has any questions for me or if he needs help troubleshooting a client’s Salesforce environment. Since I have worked at Kadence for a while, part of my role includes providing support for new Salesforce Consultants and making sure they are adjusting to their new role as smoothly as possible.

12:00 pm – I head to the conference room for a Zoom meeting with a client about an implementation project. While we are headquartered in San Antonio, a lot of our clients are located all over the country, so we usually use Zoom to host meetings. During this project status meeting, Derek, the Project Manager, explains the project milestones, risks, client action items, and budget. Then he hands over the meeting to me where I advise on the best solution for their specific situation and explain the design of the system I have created.

One of the most challenging aspects of being a Salesforce Consultant is translating terminology and highly technical aspects to clients. This can be especially challenging when clients have never been exposed to Salesforce’s unique terminology like accounts, opportunities, objects, contacts, and cases.

1:00 pm Lunchtime. I head out to grab lunch with some co-workers – Cesar, another Salesforce Consultant, and Derek, a Project Manager. We walk over to our favorite Thai place that just happens to be across the street from our office. Since our relocation to downtown, we have so many options for lunch. It’s often hard to pick one!

2:00 pmAfter lunch, I head to an onsite meeting with a client. We work with clients in a variety of industries, and every client’s needs are unique. We sometimes have clients that we meet every week, bi-weekly, or monthly, depending on how much customization they need and their communication preferences.

One of my favorite aspects of being a Salesforce Consultant is being able to problem solve and make other people’s jobs easier by automating processes. During these weekly meetings, the client gives us an update on any Salesforce requests, issues, and business changes. Then we give them any updates on requested customizations, risks, and business changes.

3:00 pmI sit at my desk and begin working on transferring data from a client’s old CRM software to Salesforce for an implementation. Although Salesforce is very technical and customizable, most of the math that I use is basic formulas and basic algebra.

5:00 pm I answer any final emails for the day and leave the office.

7:00 pmAfter dinner, I begin planning my next vacation. Although currently, I don’t practice much professional photography, I have a passion for taking photos especially when I am traveling. I’m the tourist that you see lugging around a bag full of cameras and lenses. One of my favorite vacations that I recently went on was Costa Rica, where I saw monkeys hanging out by the beach!

My Advice to You

If you’re interested in becoming a Salesforce Consultant, I highly recommend building your customer service skills. As a Salesforce Consultant, you get to interact with all types of clients with different personalities, communication styles, and experience levels. Being able to adapt and interact with different people will make your job so much easier.

You can connect with Jen on LinkedIn for more information about her work as a Salesforce Consultant.

About the author : Jennifer Gee

Jennifer is a Senior Salesforce Consultant at Kadence Collective. She is an expert in design, development, and implementation of custom Salesforce solutions.

About Jennifer Gee

Jennifer is a Senior Salesforce Consultant at Kadence Collective. She is an expert in design, development, and implementation of custom Salesforce solutions.