Digitize your sales process

This past Wednesday, Kadence Collective, Salesforce, and eSignLive hosted Digitize Your Sales Process, a networking event. Attendees learned how to efficiently improve their sales process by strategically generating leads and by using digital tools, like Salesforce and eSignLive to efficiently close deals. Here are 5 key takeaways from the event:

1. Always know your buyer personas

Your buyer persona is more than a target audience, demographic or location. Buyer personas are semi-fictional representations of your ideal customer, based on real data and some educated guesses about customer demographics, behavior patterns, motivations, and goals. Buyer personas not only guide you in the content that you create and the medium in which you promote, but they can also affect the products and services that you offer.  

2. Marketing automation tools can greatly and strategically improve your marketing efforts

Marketing automation tools, like Pardot, can allow you to keep a figurative tab on your prospects, from the moment they fill an landing page to knowing when they open an email and if they click on any links. By correctly using pardot, it will help you determine when a lead is a Sales Qualified Lead, and ready to be contacted by your sales team.

3. Salesforce CPQ can efficiently improve the process of creating quotes

CPQ can generate accurate quotes, by formulating predetermined rules for every possible configuration, price, discount, and scenario. Allowing your sales representatives to focus on generating more sales and delivering timely quotes.

4. To secure a signature from your customer with minimal effort, use eSignLive 

Conveniently integrated into Salesforce CPQ, eSignLive securely obtains a signature from your customer, reducing the probability of any missing signature. Benefits of esignlive include white labeling, high customer satisfaction rating, static and active audit trails.

5. Digital tools, like Salesforce and eSignLive, can improve productivity, especially for small teams

Especially in the growth stage of businesses, resources can be limited. Custom implementation of Salesforce and eSignLive can help relieve employees’ time by automating most of the lead nurture process – guiding them down the sales funnel, and facilitating the process of closing a deal.

Watch the entire 1-hour presentation along with a walkthrough of Pardot, Salesforce CPQ and eSignLive here:


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About the author : Alicia Palomares

Alicia is a Digital Marketing Analyst for Kadence Digital.

About Alicia Palomares

Alicia is a Digital Marketing Analyst for Kadence Digital.