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A roundup of the most inspirational resources to check off all your 2020 Salesforce Admin goals

For Salesforce admins, a new year presents an opportunity to strengthen your environment, learn new features, apply best practices, and really set the tone for the rest of the year. This new year comes with the added pressure of kicking off a brand new decade! #AwesomeAdmins – Do you have Salesforce admin goals to make 2020 the best year yet? 

We polled our awesome team and compiled a roundup of inspirational articles to crush 6 team goals in 2020!

Improve Business Productivity

Thom RepinoA core goal at Kadence is to continue innovating how we manage project productivity. We have built Salesforce tools and processes that allow our team to make the most of their time toward our client’s goals. Our project development/implementation processes ensure our clients get the highest possible value for their investment. – Thom Repino, Project Delivery Manager

    • Identifying the Obstacles to Employee Productivity | Salesforce
      It seems like a fairly straightforward equation: employee + time = work. However, as any business leader will attest, things are seldom this simple. Employee engagement is a complex thing…  Read More
    • Salesforce Features To Skyrocket User Productivity and Adoption | Admin Hero
      Salesforce has done a great job of implementing new features over the last few years to help drive user productivity and adoption… Read More

Set up Reporting That Tells a Story

Alicia PalomaresAt Kadence Digital, we are always looking to improve our clients’ marketing ROI. In 2020, we aim to continue improving how we create informative reports. Through tools like Pardot’s B2B Marketing Analytics and Einstein Analytics, we can better identify the type of content, CTAs, and tactics that convert. – Alicia Palomares, Digital Marketing Strategist at Kadence Digital

    • Tools for Getting Started with Einstein Analytics | Salesforce
      We’re on the cusp of a new generation of analytics — what used to be a back-office function reserved for the C-suite and a few data analysts, is now meant for every business user to make smarter decisions and take action… Read More
    • Analytics-Driven Custom Community Powered by Einstein Analytics | CodeScience
      One request we regularly get from clients is to build out reporting dashboards — and to do that is a complex process. By sourcing multiple objects and metrics, we have to choose to build custom or use the out-of-the-box functionality of Einstein Analytics… Read More

Don’t Fear Digital Transformation

Salesforce Admin - Justin ArmerIn 2020 I want to continue to help clients transform and streamline their sales processes with CPQ. Many clients have sophisticated pricing, discount, and groupings for their Products, and SF CPQ is essential in maximizing that flexibility. – Justin Armer, Salesforce Consultant

    • 5 Key Takeaways from Kadence’s Digitize Your Sales Process | Kadence Collective
      Kadence Collective, Salesforce, and eSignLive hosted Digitize Your Sales Process, a networking event. Attendees learned how to efficiently improve their sales process by strategically generating leads and by using digital tools, like Salesforce CPQ and eSignLive to efficiently close deals. Here are 5 key takeaways from the event… Read More
    • A Digital Transformation Framework for Success | Salesforce
      The business world is in a period of transition. As technologies evolve, industries across the globe are discovering that the tried and true processes that have kept them afloat for decades may no longer be enough… Read More
    • Your Success Toolbox: How to Achieve Digital Transformation With Salesforce | Salesforce
      Organizations often think of transformation in terms of the tangible or non-human structural factors — things like systems and processes. But our secret sauce is built upon a lot of the opposite… Read More

Befriend AI

Cesar MontalvanIn 2020 we want to use data to understand our clients in new, innovative ways. Because we are moving towards digitizing everything, it is important to know things like what channels they prefer and incorporate those preferences into how we develop our content and processes. – Cesar Montalvan, Senior Salesforce Consultant

    • The Next Chapter of Digital: How to Scale AI Across Your Business | Salesforce
      Yet while today’s companies are awash with data, unlocking its value requires them to change how they operate and make decisions. That’s where artificial intelligence (AI) comes in… Read More
    • I, Chatbot – Artificial Intelligence Meets Voice | Salesforce Ben
      One of those tools is artificial intelligence (AI). It’s been around since the 1950s, but it’s only in the last few years that AI has come into its own… Read More

Focus on Data Integrity

Armando SeguraWe’re progressing towards a future where data is quickly becoming the new “meta” currency. Businesses are constantly trying to access customers’ preference data because it drives their products, marketing, and goals. So to have “messy” data that is not usable is much like having a bank full of money you can’t withdraw from. In 2020, I am driven to make the importance of maintaining data integrity known to our clients. – AJ Segura, Salesforce Consultant

    • Salesforce Duplicate Management: 5 Phase Process to Deduplicating Your Salesforce Org Data | Salesforce Ben
      Not only does anecdotal evidence suggests duplicates are a problem – research from Experian shows that 83% of companies encounter challenges in cross-channel marketing, with inaccurate data as the main reason for these challenges… Read More
    • 4 Best Practices for Salesforce Data Cleansing | Insycle
      Bad Salesforce data can suck the life out of your marketing campaigns and sales initiatives. Duplicate data, missing data, inaccurate data, outdated data — it all adds up over time as prospects and customers have negative experiences engaging with your brand… Read More

Customize Lightning (just do it already!)

Ginny Torok DuwaThis year one goal at Kadence Digital is making sure our clients understand the marketing benefits of Salesforce Lightning. For example, the Pardot Lightning App allows Pardot to be accessed from within Salesforce and a much sleeker UI, better integrates sales and marketing teams, includes added campaign reporting and strengthens reporting overall. Everyone has just got to be on Lightning in 2020! – Ginny Torok Duwa, Managing Director of Kadence Digital

    • Lightning Experience Customization | Trailhead
      Customize the Lightning Experience user interface without writing any code… Learn More
    • Customize Lightning Apps with the Lightning App Builder | Salesforce
      When you edit a Lightning app from the App Manager in Setup, you’re brought into the Lightning App Builder to manage the app’s settings. Update app branding, navigation, and other options, and manage the Lightning pages assigned to that app all in one place… Learn More

We want to wish you a happy new year and a new decade of success and learning. What are your new year’s resolutions? Share with us on Twitter!

About the author : Adrianna Ramos

Adrianna is a marketing consultant for Kadence Collective and Kadence Digital. She is a content creator fanatic and loves creating campaigns both paid and organic to help companies meet their goals. In her free time, she likes to explore the city of Austin, trying new restaurants, going to concerts and networking with others.

About Adrianna Ramos

Adrianna is a marketing consultant for Kadence Collective and Kadence Digital. She is a content creator fanatic and loves creating campaigns both paid and organic to help companies meet their goals. In her free time, she likes to explore the city of Austin, trying new restaurants, going to concerts and networking with others.