Thousands of businesses are using Salesforce Service Cloud to improve customer experience, and you can too. Here’s how…

Salesforce Service Cloud and Kadence can help you create 32% more customer happiness with complete customer support software.

Acquiring a new customer can cost five times more than retaining an existing customer.

Customers now have more options than ever before, and they’re demanding more than just a good deal. Companies that focus on a great customer experience create happier customers and improve retention. And companies that use Salesforce Service Cloud to do it also realize lower support costs and higher productivity.

Improving customer retention goes beyond nurturing customers to close a deal. Companies have to make sure that after the deal closes, they provide the resources and stellar customer service team to create a seamless experience. Customers today expect to easily contact companies when and how they prefer, they want self-service options to solve their own problems and bypass wait times, and they want their issues to be solved on the first call. 70% of customers now expect a company’s website to include a self-service application.

Hello, Salesforce Service Cloud!

Salesforce Service Cloud is the world’s top-ranking customer service solution. Organizations that invest in customer service solutions see a 35% decrease in support costs, 40% increase in agent productivity, 34% increase in customer retention, and create 32% more customer happiness with Salesforce Service Cloud. Visit to learn more about Service Cloud.

How can you see this kind of impact?

Here are three key ways Kadence can help you leverage Salesforce Service Cloud:

  1. Educate and empower your customers with self-service communities.
    Today’s customers are more tech-savvy than ever before. Providing a user-friendly, personalized online portal where customers can take action – like check their accounts, book appointments, pay bills, connect with others or contact an agent – empowers customers to find the knowledge and resources that they need on their own. Not only does a self-service portal provide your customers with a delightful, cross-channel experience, but it can also significantly reduce the amount of customer service calls needed.Salesforce Service Cloud communities
  2. Improve agent productivity across all channels with Social Customer Service.
    In the case that a customer does have to contact an agent, make sure that their experience is quick and painless. Salesforce Service Cloud easily automates service processes, streamlines workflows, and finds key resources, like relevant blog posts, to support the agent. This helps quickly assess the customer’s needs and provide fast solutions, building stronger one-to-one customer relationships and greatly improving productivity. But what about the 67% of consumers that have engaged a brand’s social media for customer service needs? Now you can efficiently monitor customers’ posts on social channels like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and more, and agents can quickly respond to customers on their preferred channels. By combining the power of Service Cloud with Salesforce Social Studio, social customer care requests are sent directly to your team. And talk about retention When companies engage and respond to customer service requests over social media, those customers end up spending 20% to 40% more with the companySalesforce Service Cloud social customer service
  3.  Measure and analyze data proactively with Service Analytics.
    Service Cloud easily and intuitively helps capture data to deliver personalized service with predictive customer satisfaction (CSAT) based on existing Salesforce data and trends. Every employee can stay ahead of business concerns by identifying product issues, customer issues, and churn risks with predictive insights. And reps resolve issues faster with predictive case fields and recommendations for the next best actions.Salesforce’s AI tool, Einstein, uncovers underlying reasons behind data patterns and predicts what’s trending next to help you stay ahead of issues that may be brewing. Integrating Service Console data with Lightning dashboards can help your agents make more informed decisions, provide transparency across departments, and better manage employee success. Salesforce Service Cloud analytics

Companies that invest in customer service solutions are strengthening efficiency and increasing profitability. With Salesforce Service Cloud agents are no longer reacting to customer issues, but now feel empowered with tools, resources, and workflows that proactively provide support and build lasting, one-to-one customer relationships.

Kadence can help you create a seamless customer experience, improve agent productivity, and increase customer loyalty with a great customer service platform like Salesforce Service Cloud. Contact us for more information and to get started!

About the author : Ryan Rodriguez

Ryan leads the sales team at Kadence to help companies employ technology that overcomes business challenges and achieves their objectives.

About Ryan Rodriguez

Ryan leads the sales team at Kadence to help companies employ technology that overcomes business challenges and achieves their objectives.