While our new reality has transitioned to rolling out of bed and logging into video calls (business on top, pajamas on bottom), it can be hard to find the proper work-life balance and regain some semblance of normal life. We’ve compiled some helpful tips from our team and additional Salesforce resources to get us all back to a “new normal”!

Define Your Space

Ginny Torok DuwaSet Physical Boundaries

“I have worked from home full time in the past, too, and the one thing that I struggled with was making a ‘stopping point’. Because there is no physical barrier between work and home life (like coming and going from an office), it’s easy to just keep working through dinner and the night. So now I make a physical stopping point by closing my laptop and putting it away in my bag by 6 pm. I make it a rule that I can’t open it again until 8 am.” – Ginny Torok Duwa, Managing Director – Kadence Digital

To solve this issue, you can also consider investing in coworking business. It will give you the flexibility that works from home offers and also gives you an office environment.

Make An Actual Office

“Defining the private office space for rent at Venture X has been important for me during this transition. I’m still in the unpacking phase as we move into our house. WFH gave me the reason and need to organize an office space and ensure I had a place defined for work. It also helps with the idea of being at work and defining the end of the workday.” – Justin McKenzie. Director Public Sector Business Development

Working Remotely for the Good of All | Salesforce 

“You have to set the best desk hours that work for you in your at-home routine. That often means shutting off both phone and computer to have dinner with your family or starting an evening activity. The same technology that makes remote working so easy can also easily hold you captive for long hours if you are not careful”Read More

Find Strategies to Manage Anxiety

Reallocate Your Commute for Mindfulness

“Calculate the minutes in the day you’ve gained back in the absence of your commute, going out to lunch, etc. and reallocate it towards a mindful activity.” – Kevin Dunn, Head of Sales

Stick to a Routine

“I’m a very routine person so I thought to work from home meant I could sleep in, roll out of bed and log in for work, which didn’t work for me at all. I’ve found sticking with the routine I had prior allows me to start my day on the right foot with a solid morning routine filled with working out, meditating, journaling and a yummy breakfast. This also makes me not feel stressed out or rushed to log in for work.” – Adrianna Ramos, Marketing Strategist

How to Calm Anxiety and Stress With Wellness Innovator Arianna Huffington | Salesforce 

“We all have in us this place of peace, wisdom, and harmony… We are not that more and more because we are legitimately anxious. But we need to realize that that place exists [in us] by virtue of our birthright. Find the way to get back to that place as soon as possible…and it all comes down to microsteps”… Read More

Experience This Meditation With Renowned Buddhist Practitioner Jack Kornfield | Salesforce

“Through difficulties like epidemics, earthquakes, tornados, floods — which are part of the natural cycle of life on earth, the real question is how will we respond: with fear, greed, hoarding, hatred, ignorance or with generosity, clarity, steadiness, and for love.”Read More

Welcome Your New Coworkers (Your Kids)

Making it “Work” with Kids at Home | Salesforce

Splitting up the kids’ classroom-at-home schedule based on our work schedules was the only way to make this work. We then left a huge chunk of the day for free time and creative play. We never realized how organized and committed teachers need to be to keep these routines and schedules in a classroom!”Read More

While most of the parent seek the help of nurseries to ensure their children well-being. Pioneering Psychiatrist Kim Norman’s Advice to Help Children During This Pandemic | Salesforce

“…we can be helpful to children during this time of crisis [with] the concept of “The Four R’s,” which are resiliency, reassurance, routine, and regulated emotions”Read More

How to Be Inclusive of Working Parents During Times of Crisis | Salesforce

“Now more than ever, it’s important to practice inclusive leadership and empathy. Start your meetings with a focus on the health and safety of your colleagues and their family. Simply asking, ‘How are you doing today?’ can go a long way. When scheduling calls, be extra mindful about the time windows such as mornings and lunch hours, which can be particularly busy times for working parents.”Read More

Maintain Communication with Customers/Clients and Employees/Coworkers

Keep up the Fun

It is extremely important that we check in with our team and offer support in any way we can. Staying connected during this time of separation is key so we have set up a number of internal meetings and checkpoints to include a weekly Monday team check-in and a Friday Happy Hour to keep our Beer Bucket Friday tradition going strong. These laid back virtual all-hands meetings are a great way to see friendly faces and catch up after the weekend and at the end of the week. In addition, we have also set up a daily Zoom Room so that our employees can see each other throughout the day and can collaborate with one another just like we would be able to in our office.” – Hillary Miller, Head of HR

How to Maintain Customer Relationships While Working Remotely | Salesforce

While many things feel uncertain right now, people still need to do business. Contracts are still being written. And pain points still need to be solved. Listen to your customers with empathy, and you’ll end up creating true value for them.”… Read More

5 Things We’re Doing Now to Help Our Employees Navigate Work | Salesforce

At Salesforce, we use Chatter, our internal social networking tool, to share news and information. In times like these, Chatter is even more important as it’s a single hub for our executives and security teams to share updates. It also enables our employees to ask questions and see public responses.”Read More

How Salesforce Admins Can Empower Their Users While Working from Home | Salesforce

Think of how you can ‘virtually’ tap on someone’s shoulder to get their attention before engaging in a conversation. One technique I used at a previous company was to “hail” someone via chat. To do that, I simply put three dots in a chat, like so: “…”. Doing this let the other person know I needed to talk to them. If they were busy, they could respond with, “On the phone”, and I knew to come back later. Or, they’d reply, “Hello”, at which point I could go about asking them what I needed to. What can be frustrating, at first, is to just send someone a paragraph of text in a chat. That’s akin to walking up to someone and, absent of anything, rambling about everything you want to say.”Read More

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About the author : Adrianna Ramos

Adrianna is a marketing consultant for Kadence Collective and Kadence Digital. She is a content creator fanatic and loves creating campaigns both paid and organic to help companies meet their goals. In her free time, she likes to explore the city of Austin, trying new restaurants, going to concerts and networking with others.

About Adrianna Ramos

Adrianna is a marketing consultant for Kadence Collective and Kadence Digital. She is a content creator fanatic and loves creating campaigns both paid and organic to help companies meet their goals. In her free time, she likes to explore the city of Austin, trying new restaurants, going to concerts and networking with others.