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7 Salesforce Features That Can Be Utilized for Project Management

Salesforce is a multi-functional platform that can help you achieve your business goals both internal and external. As a Customer Relationship Management tool, many would think not to use it for project management; however, this tool has many facets and functions to it that would make it great for project management. Here are some of our favorite features that can help you manage your projects. 

Account Teams and Opportunity Teams

Using teams in Salesforce can help facilitate collaboration and track progress. This feature can keep track of who is responsible for what and how things are coming along making it great for project management. This can also be beneficial in reporting. Learn more about account teams and opportunity teams.


Files can be great to utilize to create and exchange documents regarding various projects. Even better is you can use these documents within Chatter feeds to integrate project-related documents in conversations.

Field History Tracking

Field History Tracking allows you to see insight into the history of a field on any object. This shows any recent changes that were made and makes projects a lot more trackable with the data that is apart of the project. 

Project Management Apps in AppExchange

While Salesforce does have great out of the box functionality, sometimes you could use a little more when it comes to your project management needs. There are tons of apps that you can explore in the AppExchange that you and your team could benefit from. Here’s a list of some of those apps that we see get utilized: 

  • Inspire Planner
  • Milestones PM+
  • Mission Control
  • TaskRay
  • Taskfeed

Make sure to try the plug-in before customizing. If a plugin could use some tweaking or it feels like it’s just not there in terms of what you need, then you can reach out to a Salesforce partner to help develop a custom solution. 


Reports are super seamless to create within Salesforce with its powerful drag-and-drop report builder and customizable dashboards. These tools can give anyone insight into projects featuring views of tasks, problems, and project results as well as corresponding team members on the project. You can also use reports to stay up to date on timelines. 

Salesforce Anywhere

Work together in real-time with Salesforce Anywhere. Team members can now share and discuss activity as it’s happening within Salesforce and they can do it from wherever they are. This distinctly meets the need as teams have had to digitally navigate their processes during a pandemic. This is beneficial for admins, project managers, sales reps, and service teams.

Salesforce Kanban View

Kanban is a lean method when it comes to project management to manage and improve work across systems. You can add Kanban views to your Salesforce view. Kanban views show records in a graphical way that helps you monitor your work and keep deals moving ahead. You’re able to modify most objects with this view. Learn more here.


Out of everything we mentioned, utilizing tasks can be most beneficial to keep projects moving along. You can utilize tasks to set reminders for yourself that can make it easier to keep track of various projects and deadlines.

Hope this helps you see certain Salesforce features from a new perspective. Do you use Salesforce for project management? Stay tuned for part two where we dive into how our team uses Salesforce for project management.

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