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AcuScheduler – Amazingly Simple Scheduling for Salesforce


We’re extremely excited to announce our upcoming release of AcuScheduler. We’re currently on schedule for release early February 2017 and are currently offering demos of the product which can be signed up for here.

So, what is AcuScheduler?

AcuScheduler is our solution to handling complex appointment scheduling in Salesforce. What we’ve found over the years is that scheduling needs can vary widely depending on the use case, business, and industry. Looking at the Salesforce Scheduling Apps out there now, they’re either too overpriced with feature overload, not native to Salesforce and don’t integrate well, or are simply difficult to use.

Our goal was to develop something that was extendable and customizable yet had the core scheduling features most commonly needed. AcuScheduler is 100% native to Salesforce and uses the new Salesforce Lightning Design System. It can be used both in Salesforce Classic and Lightning Experience.

There are three scheduling configuration types that will be included in the initial release:

Community Self-Scheduling
Salesforce’s Community Cloud usage has been growing more and more over the years (previously called Salesforce Portals). These portals allow you to connect and collaborate with your partners, customers, and employees by giving them an area that they can log into to access things like leads, contacts, opportunities, educational information, and the list goes on. With AcuScheduler, you can give them the ability to self-schedule appointments with you or your staff within the boundaries that you specify.

Salesforce Self-Scheduling
If meetings are a large part of your day, Salesforce Self-Scheduling can make the scheduling process much easier. After navigating to the lead or contact that you want to meet with in Salesforce, you can launch your schedule through AcuScheduler with one click and can select the time and day that you’d like to meet. The rest is handled by AcuScheduler (sending the meeting invite, updating your calendar, including video conferencing information, automated meeting reminders, etc.).

Delegated Scheduling
If scheduling is handled by another employee (executive assistant, virtual assistant, etc.) or a team of employees (front desk, back office, etc.), this type of scheduling is for you. We see this use case commonly in the Healthcare space for doctor scheduling, but it can apply to other industries as well.

We will continue to post here regularly about AcuScheduler’s features, upcoming releases, and scheduling best practices and tips and tricks. Sign up for our newsletter (scroll down to the footer) to stay up-to-date. To learn more about AcuScheduler in the meantime or to see it in action, request a demo here.


About Rob Martinez
Rob is the Founder and CEO at Kadence Collective. He is dedicated to helping businesses improve their sales processes, creating efficiencies, and gaining insights into their data to make more educated, actionable business decisions.
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