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How to Bring Your Email Marketing Strategy Back to Life

No tricks here, we’re treating you to 5 tips to improve your email marketing strategy…

You may have heard that email marketing strategy is dead, but according to recent statistics, it is becoming even more of a staple in a great digital marketing strategy, and is producing positive ROI for many businesses. Maybe you’ve become complacent in sending emails, maybe you’ve fallen into a rut in creating content for emails, or you’re not seeing much engagement from your campaigns. We’re here to treat you to five tips to bring your email marketing strategy back to life.

 1. Segment Emails Based on Your Different Types of Monsters Customers

Like your ghosts and ghouls, witches and vampires, every customer is different and may be at a different stage of the customer journey with your business. Your emails should cater to each type of customer at each stage of their journey. You can use email automation to send more personalized emails to each customer at the right time and curate content that will appeal to them.

Ex.  I once received an email from a fashion brand that sent me a promo code to complete my purchase, since I had left items in my cart. And guess what happened? I completed my purchase. They sent me an offer to further push me along their customer journey, and I infact did what they wanted me to do. This is a shining example of a successful email to a customer towards the end of their journey.

Have certain emails set in place for audiences who are just getting to know your business, who have shown interest in your business and customers who are close to purchasing. This will help you nurture relationships with your potential and existing customers, who feel like they themselves and their needs are being understood.

2. Don’t Let the Subject Line Spook Your Customers Away

According to Invesp, 47% of email recipients open emails based on the subject line. Having a creative subject line sets your email up for success. It provokes the reader to interact with your business, and if you’re segmenting your email list correctly to strategically target the right audiences, they will be more inclined to open it.

You can also use the subject line to your advantage and create a sense of urgency. Studies further showed that creating a sense of urgency and exclusivity can result in  a 22% higher open rate. Countdowns, percentages off or the word “exclusive” in your subject line can entice your audience to perform an action (like, open the email).

3. Don’t Be Afraid of the Monster that is Mobile

Mobile is dominating how your content is being read. Over 88% of smartphone users use their phones to actively check their email. Make sure your email is optimized for mobile. Test the email prior to sending, to make sure that graphics and text appear within the frame of a phone. If it isn’t optimized correctly, it might deter traffic away from the email and any future emails you send.

4. Create One CTA that Haunts Your Reader

Each email is an opportunity to connect with your customer, and since this might be your one chance to connect, it may be tempting to give them a lot of information. But be careful in how much copy and information you are putting in the email. Each email should have one clear call-to-action (CTA) as to what you want the customer to do. Whether it’s downloading an e-book or making a purchase, it should be clear in the email and have a link that takes them straight to a corresponding landing page. Having a clear CTA will help focus your email strategy and further curate content for each customer segment.

5. Too Much Text is a Visual Nightmare

Use images, graphics, or videos in your email to create dynamic content and tell a story in your email. Text heavy emails could be a lot for a customer to initially open. You want to clearly convey that CTA we mentioned above so create something that displays that. Here are some great examples to get the creative juices flowing.

Email marketing will continue to be a leading way to reach your customers – potential, new, and existing. As such, it is important to consistently find new ways to optimize your email marketing strategy. Still need help with your email marketing strategy? Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters? They may be reliable in fighting ghosts, but Kadence Digital is here to help with your marketing needs.

Happy Halloween from us at Kadence Collective and Kadence Digital!

About Adrianna Ramos
Adrianna is a marketing consultant for Kadence Collective and Kadence Digital. She is a content creator fanatic and loves creating campaigns both paid and organic to help companies meet their goals. In her free time, she likes to explore the city of Austin, trying new restaurants, going to concerts and networking with others.
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