pardot automation or process builder
Pardot Automation or Process Builder?

Why choose? Learn when to use Pardot Automation or Process Builder, and how to configure helpful Process Builder processes to strengthen marketing automation. Some use cases for Pardot Automation or Process Builder are advanced topics. If you need help, our certified Salesforce and Pardot Consultants would love to chat about bringing your ideas to life.…

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5 steps of marketing automation implementation
The 5 Key Steps of Marketing Automation Implementation

So you’ve chosen a marketing automation platform and now you need to prepare for the next step.  This is part II of our Q1 budget planning series covering how to prepare for a marketing automation implementation. This blog post at a glance: It’s great to know what the next steps of a marketing automation implementation…

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evaluating marketing automation platforms
Evaluating Marketing Automation Platforms

It’s that time of year – Q1 budget planning! If evaluating marketing automation platforms is on your to-do list, here’s everything you need to know. If you’re reading this blog post, you’ve likely heard the term “marketing automation”. 67% of marketing leaders currently use an automation platform, and 21% say they plan to in the…

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Salesforce Process Builder
Beginner’s Guide to Salesforce Automation – Part 2: Process Builder

The Beginner’s Guide to Salesforce Automation, continued In Part I: Workflows, we learned how to automate a simple business process using a Salesforce workflow rule. You’ve witnessed how easy it is to configure Salesforce to free you from some manual business tasks. Now, I bet you’re wondering what other nifty tricks Salesforce has to make your life better. Enter Process Builder.  Part II:…

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Salesforce Automation
Beginner’s Guide to Salesforce Automation – Part 1: Workflows

The Beginner’s Guide to Salesforce Automation Congratulations on getting started with Salesforce! If you’re wondering where to start, may we suggest using it to automate your business processes? Your organization will immediately run more efficiently. To help you get going, we introduce The Beginner’s Guide to Salesforce Automation. In it, we dive-in from a beginner’s point-of-view covering Workflows, Lightning Process Builder, Visual Workflow,…

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