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Salesforce CPQ and eSignLive Will Help You Close Deals Faster

Once your marketing and sales teams have worked so diligently to attract, nurture, and guide your lead to the final stages of the sales process, now you want to know how your sales pros can close deals faster. And with only 35% of a salesperson’s time is available to selling, there’s not much time to waste on closing the deal!

That’s why eSignLive introduced an integration in Salesforce CPQ to support the closing stage of a deal, improving the efficiency of delivering a quote and obtaining a signature. When CPQ is deployed and used correctly, most users report an average of 15% in increased efficiency. That’s 6 hours out of a 40-hour work week!

What is Salesforce CPQ + eSignLive?

Salesforce CPQ, or Configure, Price, Quote is a sales tool that allows companies to efficiently and easily manage the entire sales process from configuring orders, generating quotes, to even collecting cash. Salesforce CPQ, available as part of the Salesforce Customer Success Platform, enables companies to close deals faster and more efficiently by making it easy to sign documents securely and speedily from any device.

And now, eSignLive for CPQ makes it easy for organizations to use e-signatures inside of the apps they already know and use every day. eSignLive for CPQ brings the key functionality of adding e-signatures to Salesforce’s Quote-to-Cash app, Salesforce CPQ.

Benefits of Salesforce CPQ + eSignLive:

    1. Deliver Accurate Quotes Faster Than Before: By clearly establishing pre-programmed rules, CPQ eliminates the conflict presented when sales reps offer the customer options or configurations that the company does not have prices figured out for. This creates a barrier between delivering timely quotes. With the CPQ application every possible configuration, price, discount, and scenario can be pre-determined. Allowing full transparency between the company’s product configurations and options and the customer.

    2. Create Complex Quotes Easier: CPQ’s automation turns time consuming, complicated quotes – e.g. bulk pricing, discounts, complex options and configurations – into easy to generate quotes that can be quickly delivered to the customer. An efficient quote process will better demonstrate your company’s professionalism and knowledge, making it easier to close a deal.

    3. Strategic Cross Collaboration: With CPQ, every department of your organization can be involved in the planning of pre-determined configurations. Allowing the experts of each department to suggest ideas for product configuration; ideas that sales might have not thought possible or desirable by consumers. When cross collaboration happens between departments the result is that your product becomes more solution-based and customer-centered than ever before.

    4. Streamlined Sales Process: CPQ can be integrated with ERP systems, connecting sales and operations. Sales can monitor the status of deliveries, executives can monitor the sales process, and operations can monitor trends to plan for new deals. Sales and Operations can easily work cohesively, with customer needs in mind creating a more efficient process. In conclusion, combining CPQ with ERP leads to a reduction in operating costs.

    5. Efficiently Close and Sign The Deal: When your organization has closed the deal, the final step is a signature. For many organizations, signature is still a manual, paper-driven process. E-signatures can conveniently help both the company and the consumer. Andrew Moravick at Aberdeen Research stated in a recent report that, “eSignature technology users shorten the average length of their sales cycles at 8.3 times the rate at which non-users prolong their sales cycles year-over-year.”  With eSignLive for Salesforce CPQ, you can quickly obtain secure and compliant electronic signatures for sales quotes, proposals, contracts & invoices generated in Salesforce CPQ, manage transaction status in real-time, obtain comprehensive audit trails of who signed, in what order, when and where.

Wondering how it works exactly? Watch this quick video:

Efficiently close deals faster by integrating eSignLive for Salesforce CPQ in your organization. Using eSignLive for Salesforce CPQ for more efficient deal closing process is just one part of what we’ll review in our event on September 20 in San Antonio – Digitize Your Sales Process: From Lead to Deal – where we’ll cover strategies utilizing digital tools to help you generate more leads and close deals faster. RSVP here…

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Rob is the Founder and CEO at Kadence Collective. He is dedicated to helping businesses improve their sales processes, creating efficiencies, and gaining insights into their data to make more educated, actionable business decisions.
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