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Let’s Talk About Customer Experience & Marketing Trends for 2018

2018 Customer Experience Trends

Goodbye 2017, here are four customer experience & marketing trends on our watch for 2018…

As the year comes to a close, departments across organizations are assessing the past year and planning for next. The marketing space in particular is bombarded with numerous reports and predictions and trends for 2018. One thing we have found is that customer experience is at the top of most (if not everyone’s) lists. Read more to learn about what specific trends and tactics will impact customer experience and marketing next year.

1. Digital Marketing Trends for 2018: Micro-Scale & Richer Content

Major Trend: Mobile Mobile Mobile

Why does it matter? If you haven’t hopped on the mobile train, this article from Digital Doughnut (and many others) argue why you should be concerned about mobile. In We Are Social’s Global Digital Statshot from Q2, mobile has taken over laptops and desktops by a little under 10% for when consumers are browsing the web. Predictions are that this number will continue to grow. What does that mean for your marketing strategy? Any content that is posted to the internet needs to be optimized for mobile. The saying has become “mobile first” to make sure companies are optimizing for mobile from the beginning.

Customer Experience Trend 1

2. Top CX Trends to Know in 2018

Major Trend: AI/Chatbots

Why does it matter? Chatbots help boost customer experience by making the business available to a customer any given time and day via messaging platforms. Disruptor Daily predicts a rise in the use of programmatic systems for customer service, as Dimension Data also reported a 12% decrease in phone volume for customer support. What does this mean for your customer success strategy? As we see in marketing as well as customer experience – the way people find information is changing. The trend is that more customers want answers instantly through chat, rather than being on hold with a representative. To meet this demand, the use of technology such as AI and chatbots will continue to rise, improving the customer experience.

Customer Experience Trend 2

3. 10 Social Media Trends That Will Shape 2018 – The Experts’ Voice

Major Trend: Voice Search

Why does it matter? “Siri”, “Cortana”, “Google”, and “Alexa” are totally changing the way people search for things on the internet, and it matters. Talk Walker highlights how this trend is affecting any business with an SEO and Paid Search strategy. What does this mean for your marketing strategy? Gini Dietrich, CEO of Arment Dietrich, recommends having a paid strategy in place in order to be at the top of search results for when people are asking for these answers. When someone asks these popular devices where they should eat tonight, having a paid search strategy in place will help you be the first result given back to that consumer.

4. 8 Predicted Digital Marketing Trends for 2018

Major Trend: Micro-moments

Why does it matter? The buyer’s journey isn’t as straightforward as it used to be. Because of the increase of mobile usage, purchasing decisions can be made at any moment such as while on social media or over email. This makes it a little difficult to track and monitor at exactly which point was the decision made. According to Digital Agency Network, monitoring these touchpoints or “micro-moments” will be crucial in placing yourself there to ultimately get that conversion.

When it comes down to it, 2018 will be a year of being everywhere and anywhere for your customer. This next year will be dominated by the customer’s needs, how they attain information, and how they make purchasing decisions. It puts enormous pressure on companies to be prepared for an increase in expectations from the customer and how they can meet those expectations.

What customer experience, marketing and business trends are you expecting to see in 2018? Follow and tweet at us @hirekadence, and join the conversation at #biztrends2018!

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