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Do you need Salesforce CPQ or something else?

Save time and improve efficiency when creating quotes for your customers by using Salesforce CPQ. CPQ helps your sales team produce quality quotes that are always complete, accurate, and professional. Is it right for you?

Salesforce CPQ stands for configure, price, quote. The platform takes into account optional features, customizations, quantities, and discounts, allowing sales reps to quote quickly and accurately. This is especially helpful for any business that has a wide range of products and services to seamlessly create and track quotes for their customers. Is CPQ right for you?

Key Benefits of Salesforce CPQ

Some of the biggest advantages of using CPQ include:

  • An intelligent approach to organizing product data
  • Advanced and dynamic quote template features
  • A clean and customizable selling process
  • A streamlined quote creation process

Salesforce CPQ puts the products that should be displayed exactly where the sales reps expect to see them. This can be done by a step-by-step process with CPQ’s guided selling or more subtle UI tweaks such as hidden filters, product rules, and price rules. 

CPQ helps sales reps save time closing deals by gathering the correct set of quote documents and terms and conditions to send to customers, making sure pricing and discounts are calculated automatically and correctly, streamlining the quote creation process, etc. 

When to Use Salesforce CPQ

CPQ is best if your business:

  • Has several “bundles” that involve selling multiple products together in specific ways
  • Has several pricing models such as special pricing per customer, buying in bulk, percent of total, etc. – CPQ can help keep track of the different models
  • Has sophisticated discount models
  • Has various subscription-based products and wants an easy way to make sure contracts can be renewed automatically or amended as needed
  • Needs to increase your sales reps’ adoption of selling products in Salesforce – CPQ offers guided selling, filtering, and advanced approvals to streamline common parts of the selling process

Overall, CPQ can be used for any of its parts – whether it be the advanced approvals to establish a more robust internal approval process, the enhanced quote template tools, or to simply have the ability to bundle products together.

When to Use Something Else

CPQ might not be the best solution for you if your business isn’t able to use its full capabilities. For example, if you are just looking to utilize the dynamic features of the CPQ quote templates like the advanced field merging and custom templates, you might want to look at an AppExchange product like Conga for that need.

How to Get Started with CPQ

If you are interested in getting started with CPQ, you should have a clear understanding of your products, pricing, and sales process. Salesforce CPQ is an advanced tool, and it may be best to have a Salesforce Partner assist in fleshing out the structure of the tool and training your team. As with any Salesforce tool, it’s best to learn as much as you can about CPQ so that its capabilities can be maximized.

If you are interested in getting started with CPQ, our team has several experts to get you onboarded and trained. Contact us with any questions and to help understand if CPQ is the right solution for you!

About Rob Martinez
Rob is the Founder and CEO at Kadence Collective. He is dedicated to helping businesses improve their sales processes, creating efficiencies, and gaining insights into their data to make more educated, actionable business decisions.
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