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How to Find the Best Salesforce Partner Focused on Customer Success

Finding a Salesforce partner can make or break an implementation or project for a business. It’s important to vet and find the right partner that is knowledgeable, efficient, and can accomplish your goals and needs. It’s also important to ensure that your Salesforce partner is focused on customer success. There’s been a shift in focus on customer success within the Salesforce ecosystem so let’s define how your Salesforce partner can play a role in that.

Importance of Customer Success

We define customer success as a personalized experience that ensures our customers reach their desired outcome. Customers deserve to have an efficient and effective journey utilizing Salesforce to its full potential. What that can look like can include a personalized experience, increased communication, and collaboration to bring about a successful implementation or services. It’s important to know that you’re being taken care of by your Salesforce partner and are not left in the dark by them.

What To Look For in a Salesforce Partner (When It Comes to Customer Success)

It’s important to look for a Salesforce partner that cares about your success. When a company is committed to delivering great customer service, it shows. Bonus points if they already have a Head of Customer Success available to you that is dedicated to your growth and success. Having a dedicated resource like a Head of Customer Success brings a focus to maintaining a strong relationship between the customer and the company. This will be beneficial in the long run. One focus of a Head of Customer Success is to build customer relationships. This is important to them because they want your continued business. They are in it for the long haul and are invested in your business and goals.

Questions to Ask a Potential Partner

When engaging with potential partners, it’s important to make sure you’re asking the right questions to properly identify which partner will be best for you. In addition to questions you’d ask regarding skill and expertise, services, and price, you can ask these additional questions to gauge their commitment to customer success:

  • What is your commitment to the overall success of a project or agreement with a company?
  • What do you do to ensure a constant flow of communication with updates on our project?
  • Who can I turn to when I have issues during the project?
  • How do you handle challenges that arise in projects with other partners?
  • Do you have someone dedicated to customer success that I can reference throughout the project?
  • Do you have references to share with similar projects that had success working with you?

Best of luck in your endeavor in finding the perfect Salesforce partner for your needs. Here at Kadence Collective we keep customer success top of mind and are dedicated to it day in and day out. We strive to show our customers how important their success means to us. From onboarding to post-project completion, our Head of Customer Success is available to meet your needs. Contact us if you’d like to learn more about our services as a Salesforce partner and our commitment to customer success.

About Sara Hernandez
Sara is the Head of Customer Success for Kadence Collective. She implements processes to ensure customers receive the support needed to achieve their goals. In her free time, she likes to relax with family, shop and socialize.
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