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How to Pass the Salesforce Administrator Certification

The Salesforce Administrator certification is a stepping stone certification and a prerequisite for most of the other more difficult certifications in the Salesforce ecosystem. It demonstrates knowledge of the platform and the ability to administer any team or organization to use Salesforce. Check out the Administrator Certification overview on Trailhead as a good starting point. If you’re looking for assistance on how to pass the test, we’ve asked members of our team for their best tips and advice.

Let’s see what tips our team members had…

Angie Lancon – Account Executive

I studied for about a month prior to taking the exam, but I honestly wish I would’ve studied 2-3 months before. I would suggest taking plenty of practice exams and utilize the trailheads for hands-on practice. 

Armando Segura – Salesforce Consultant

Although not necessary, I would highly recommend acquiring and completing a large number of pertinent trailheads before attempting the Admin Cert. You can find a multitude of TrailMixes on Trailhead that are aimed towards preparation for the Admin Cert. This will lay the foundation that is needed for general knowledge of a Salesforce Admin. Another great resource before taking an exam is to utilize the resource FocusOnForce. For a low fee, you can get access to many iterations of practice exams that will equip and prepare you for similar questions encountered in your exam. I studied at least 1-2 hours a day, for at least 2-3 weeks before taking the Admin Cert. I was already in Salesforce, so for a net new person learning Salesforce, I would recommend 5 to 8 weeks before attempting the exam. Also, failing an exam is not the end, the test will show what percentages you answered correctly. From those metrics given, you can put more study time towards subjects you are weaker in.

Jackie Gonzales – Senior Business Analyst

I studied for 2 weeks maybe an hour a day but I was also working in Salesforce every day as an admin. Advice for people taking the SF admin cert is to use the resources made available from Salesforce especially Trailhead for hands-on experience and Salesforce certification days for tips and best practices. 

Other Resources to Check Out:

We hope this helps you as you study and prepare for the Salesforce Admin certification. Tweet at us @hirekadence for any extra tips you have!

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