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How to Start 2021 With a Customer-Centric Mindset

A customer-centric mindset is a strategy that focuses on understanding the value of a customer. It is an avenue that allows businesses to gain trust, deliver a positive customer experience, and build lifelong customer relationships. Loyal customers are more likely to bring in referrals based on their experience. 

Why a Customer-Centric Mindset?

Let’s do the math. 81% of satisfied customers are more likely to do business with you again if they have a positive experience. 95% of customers will “take action” after a negative experience – like sharing concerns with friends and family, or churning. It’s important to make sure you are building lifelong customer relationships and being able to bring success and satisfaction to them or it could hurt you in the long run. 

What Does Having a Customer-Centric Mindset Look Like?

To create a customer-centric culture, you must have company-wide participation. Everyone is responsible for understanding customer goals. Know who your customers are, which will allow you to tailor your products and services to fit their needs. Deliver an exceptional experience throughout the customer journey.

4 Helpful Tips to Start 2021 With a Customer-Centric Mindset

1. Revisit Your Customer Journey

From the moment your customer interacts with you (before they’ve even purchased from you), they’ve entered the customer journey. Then every interaction they have from that point on is important. How are you ensuring your customer feels supported? Do you have check-ins built in to gather feedback and maintain a customer’s happiness? Pinpointing specific points of interactions can allow you to identify what might need further attention. 

2. Gather Feedback

Speaking of feedback, ensure that you are checking in with your customers to ensure they are happy. We utilize NPS scores to gather feedback from our clients and we check in with them regularly to ensure a successful implementation and project. Follow up with both poor and positive feedback to assess points of improvement and what to keep staying consistent with.

3. Deliver an Exceptional Experience 

From gathering that feedback, you’ll be able to focus on how to improve and deliver an exceptional experience. This could take some time so be patient as you implement new processes or structures based on the feedback. It may not happen overnight, but as long as you are focusing on the customer you are headed in the right direction.

4. Instill Company-Wide Participation

Finally, instill this mindset within your company. Having everyone on board at every level and department is critical to foster this mindset to understand your customer, their needs, and how your company helps them. When you focus on your customer at its core, you’ll succeed. 

All in all, the customer experience is crucial in regards to building your brand and reputation. Here at Kadence, we’re excited to start the new year and embrace the customer-centric mindset. Focusing on our customers and our success is important to us and will continue to guide us into the new year.

About Sara Hernandez
Sara is the Head of Customer Success for Kadence Collective. She implements processes to ensure customers receive the support needed to achieve their goals. In her free time, she likes to relax with family, shop and socialize.
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