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Kadence Client Success Story: Texas First Rentals

Texas First Rentals, owned by HOLT CAT, offers construction rental equipment ranging from aerial, dirt, and power equipment. The fluidity of the rental equipment space is fast-moving and requires many “boots on the ground”. Sales reps are primarily mobile and need to provide quotes/bids/estimates to their customers for different pieces of rental equipment. Customers must fill out a credit application and, upon approval, proceed with renting the desired equipment.

Kadence worked with Texas First Rentals to assist with their overall adoption of Salesforce which in turn improved their overall business efficiency and increased leads.

Here’s the story of how we helped Texas First Rentals deepen their adoption of Salesforce by creating a solution that would eliminate manual processes.

Texas First Rentals Aimed to Automate a Lot of Manual Processes

The largest obstacles Texas First Rentals faced were the adoption of Salesforce and the credit application process. For every credit application, a PDF was saved on a sales rep’s desktop computer, printed, filled out manually, scanned, and emailed to their internal AR department. There was no way of tracking the volume of credit applications, status across teams, the velocity of application completion, reminders for follow up, or version control over the documents. Their data was decentralized and Salesforce was used reactively post-sale, rendering all reporting/tracking unavailable. 

Kadence supported Texas First Rentals with their digital transformation through the following:

  • Improved mobile features and solved all manual processes by digitizing the credit application
  • Leveraged DocuSign to assist with the credit application process
  • Improved efficiency by generating automated reminders to Sales Reps and Prospects
  • Created cross-departmental transparency on the application status
  • Created stronger reporting throughout the sales process

Kadence Improved Efficiencies and Assisted in Generating More Leads

Kadence’s support was able to create a new system for Texas First Rentals that would allow them to thrive. The new system improved efficiency between AR and sales. They were able to drop credit application velocity from 1-2 weeks to 3-5 days. Version control was solved, as only the most current versions of credit application forms are generated and sent via DocuSign. Finally, overall Salesforce adoption increased, resulting in 30% more leads. 

To summarize, Texas First Rentals has been able to streamline what was once a manual process and improve the overall efficiency of their business with the help of Kadence.

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About Sara Hernandez
Sara is the Head of Customer Success for Kadence Collective. She implements processes to ensure customers receive the support needed to achieve their goals. In her free time, she likes to relax with family, shop and socialize.
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