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Round ’em up! Our Favorite Salesforce Podcasts

salesforce podcasts

I’ve been on a huge podcast kick lately and went down the rabbit hole to find some awesome Salesforce podcasts. There’s so much to learn from other experts blazing the trails!

Here are 6 Salesforce podcasts to check out:

1. Salesforce Admins Podcast

It’s all in the title – this one’s for the Salesforce Admins out there. This podcast features real-life Salesforce Admins and Trailblazers who utilize the Salesforce platform to transform businesses and careers. You’ll gather a real perspective within these 30 minutes to empower Salesforce Admins everywhere. Listen to this episode first: Lightning Speed with Chris Marzilli

2. Code Coverage

code coverage podcast

This podcast is for the Salesforce developers. Code Coverage provides you with tips on how to do more with the Salesforce platform by listening to others’ experiences. The hosts, Matt and Steven, talk about what they’re working on, technologies they like, and what they consider to be creative solutions. Listen to this episode first: Episode 30 — Dan Appleman on Salesforce Development Over The Years, Pluralsight and JavaScript with Lightning

3. Quotable Podcast

Quotable by Salesforce

Quotable is another podcast created by Salesforce that features sales expert interviews. These podcasts are filled with tips and wisdom to help you in whatever your Salesforce and/or sales role may be. Listen to this episode first: How to Build Trust with Customers, with Bill Wilson

4. Good Day, Sir! Show

Good Day, Sir! Salesforce podcast

Two software engineers provide weekly podcasts that focus on developing custom software solutions for the Salesforce platform. You’ll find conversations around software development, technology, and Salesforce to keep you informed as a developer – and even follow along if you’re a non-developer. Listen to this episode first: Hone the Craft

5. Marketing Cloudcast

marketing cloudcast

Where my marketers at? For my fellow marketers/Marketing Cloud users, the Marketing Cloudcast highlights Trailblazers who are leading the way and provides key trends and insights. They even have a catchy jingle to go with their podcasts (because, marketers)! Listen to this episode first: Moment Makers: The New World of Marketing

6. Developer Podcast

developer podcast

Hosted by Josh Birk, this podcast provides short and insightful stories for developers. Josh is known as the “Godfather of Trailhead” after inventing the prototype! You’ll hear engaging stories about learning, building, and integrating with Salesforce from developers around the world. Listen to this episode first: Episode 25: Salesforce Developer Tools with Nate Totten

Let me know if I missed any good ones – I’d love to hear anything else I should add to the list. Tweet me your favorites and any other recs!

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