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Round ’em up! Our Favorite Salesforce Experts to Follow on Twitter

Round 'em up! Our Favorite Salesforce Experts to Follow on Twitter

More than a bank of witty memes and heated political forum, Twitter is my favorite place to connect with Salesforce experts. There is always a great conversation to join, article to read, and update to learn from the right people on Twitter. Ready to connect with some great Salesforce Tweeters?

Here are just a handful of my favorite Salesforce experts to follow on Twitter:

Marc Benioff (@benioff) – because of course if you want to follow someone who knows about Salesforce, follow Benioff!


Kate Perez (@katebperez) is the co-founder and executive director of Merivis, a national nonprofit organization that supports veterans and military spouses preparing for their next mission and new Salesforce careers. She shares great information for veterans especially, like upcoming events and training, and has created a wonderful community.

Vala Afshar (@ValaAfshar) is the Chief Digital Evangelist at Salesforce, a columnist for ZDNet, host of DisrupTVShow, and oh yeah – he co-authored a book, The Pursuit of Social Business Excellence. Obviously, following him provides a wealth of information for all things business, technology, and Salesforce!

Cristina Mancini Jones (@cristinam_jones) is the SVP, Customer Marketing, Brand Partnerships and C-Suite Engagement at Salesforce. She shares plenty of helpful Salesforce news and information, and I make sure to pay attention to her content regarding equality and activism.

Adam Blitzer (@AdamBlitzer) is the co-founder of Pardot, and currently the EVP and GM of Digital at Salesforce. I love following him for Salesforce news with a marketing focus… and really solid GIFs.

Sara McNamara (@ifeellikemacmac) has been described as a Pardot Wiz/B2B Marketing Trailblazer. She is such a fun SF/Pardot expert to follow, with plenty of GIFs and a huge side of knowledge bombs. She also just started and amazing Pardot Slack channel!

Matthew Sweezey (@msweezey) is the director of marketing strategy at Salesforce, a contributor at Forbes, an author at Harvard Business Review, and host of the podcast, Electronic Propaganda Society. He’s a great person to follow for interesting info on digital transformation, technology like AI, and lots of good data/studies.

Stephanie Herrera (@steph_herrera_), among many roles, is the founder of Austin’s Salesforce Saturday group. And of course, as a fellow Austinite, I was excited to discover her on Twitter. She is a great source of information on events, classes, and positivity!

Brian Solis (@briansolis) – I’ve been following Brian for a LONG time, even before he became Global Innovation Evangelist at Salesforce. He’s the best to follow for all things marketing, business, and innovation.

Kadence Collective (@hirekadence) – Shameless plug! Follow Kadence for all things Salesforce – from admin news to marketing to digital transformation.


There are SO many more amazing Salesforce experts and Salesforce-related accounts to follow. Who else do you love to follow? Connect with me – @GinnyTorok – on Twitter, and let’s chat more!

About Ginny Torok Duwa
Ginny is Managing Director at Kadence Digital. She is dedicated to marketing that makes a difference and gets excited about quantifiable results. She has a specialization in marketing operations and lead generation.
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