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Should you hire a full-time Salesforce Consultant or a Salesforce Partner Consultancy?

Should you hire a full-time Salesforce Consultant or a Salesforce Partner Consultancy? That is the question.

Your company is growing, and it’s time to take the next step to better organize your sales team and sales processes – so you purchase Salesforce! It’s an exciting step, but you quickly realize that you’ll need to hire some help for customizations, integrations and ongoing projects. How much help do you need? How much does it cost? We’re here to help you find the answers and get off on the right foot.

Implementing and customizing your Salesforce environment can be a simple 4-6 week process or a continuous journey. Hiring the correct individual and/or team ensures the most efficient, successful Salesforce setup. So the question is: should you hire a full-time employee or outsource to a certified Salesforce Partner Consultancy? The answer lies in your budget and your specific needs.  

How much help do you need?

When thinking of hiring Salesforce support, first ask – how much customization is needed? For example, will you need any custom coding? Also, are there projects that you foresee needing continuous maintenance? One benefit of hiring a certified Salesforce Partner consultancy, like Kadence Collective, is that you get access to a full team of experts, including consultants, developers, analysts, and project managers.

Consider if hiring a full-time Salesforce Consultant will be enough support for your workload, as well as if hiring a full-time Consultant is necessary for a small amount of work needed. Will he/she have the capacity to complete all of the work needed, and/or will this work be enough to give a full-time employee 40 hours of work?

A Few Key Benefits of Hiring a Certified Salesforce Partner Consultancy

One huge benefit of hiring a Salesforce Partner Consultancy is cost. For about half the monthly price – on average between $3-$5k – of a full-time Consultant, with a Salesforce Partner Consultancy you have access to a team of experts and a clearly defined amount of hours specifically to complete a project or implementation.

Salesforce has a multitude of products. It’s near impossible to find that unicorn Salesforce Consultant who has experience across many of the Salesforce products and use cases. Hiring a Salesforce Partner Consultancy with a team of experienced Salesforce specialists gives you a good chance that you’ll be working with someone who has experience with your specific Salesforce products and needs.

Another benefit of hiring a Salesforce Partner Consultancy is the ease of ongoing support with a flexible, predetermined amount of hours, which can always be increased as needed. Included in the monthly price is access to an entire team of professionals (at Kadence that’s consultants, developers, marketers and more) instead of just one person.

Benefits of Hiring a Full-Time Salesforce Consultant

A dedicated in-house Salesforce Consultant can cost anywhere from $75k-100k a year, not including extras like benefits, training and equipment costs. Hiring a full-time Salesforce Consultant is usually recommended for large companies that need immediate help with multiple ongoing Salesforce tasks.

A Salesforce Consultant is also a good idea if the company has many Salesforce users who need a lot of different reports, fields added or updated, and small tasks completed regularly. If there are 40 hours a week worth of work to be done in Salesforce, with limited coding and drag and drop customization, then a dedicated internal employee that personally knows the business might be the best option.

If you have a large Salesforce organization, and you have ongoing customization needs as well as daily support tasks, you may need a third option – hiring a Salesforce Partner Consultancy as well as a full-time Salesforce Consultant. For example, it’s beneficial for a Certified Salesforce Partner Consultancy to work as an extension of your team, supporting customizations and complex development work as needed, hand in hand with your full-time Salesforce Consultant who focuses on day-to-day needs.

Kadence Collective provides flexible options for implementations and ongoing support (i.e. managed services), working as your sole Salesforce support team, or as an extension of your internal Salesforce team.

If you’re still unsure of how much help you need, feel free to contact us. With years of experience in helping Salesforce customers navigate implementation and support, we’re happy to help answer any questions.

About Rob Martinez
Rob is the Founder and CEO at Kadence Collective. He is dedicated to helping businesses improve their sales processes, creating efficiencies, and gaining insights into their data to make more educated, actionable business decisions.
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