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Twitter Lead Generation Card to Salesforce Integration

By Reducing Steps We Can Increase Prospect Engagement

Twitter Lead Generation Cards make it easy for prospects to send you their information.  Rather than require prospects to go to your website, navigate to your contact form, and complete the form, they can send their information with a simple click of a button while staying within their Twitter Feed.  All of this can be setup relatively easily in Twitter but the question then is “how do I get this information into my Salesforce org?”.

Point and Click Integration

Luckily, integration with Salesforce can be done all through clicks – no code!  This post assumes that you already know how to setup your Twitter Card, so let’s dive into the Salesforce side of things.

  1. Log into the Salesforce Org you’d like to integrate with
  2. Navigate to Setup > Customize > Leads > Web-to-Lead.  Make sure Web-to-Lead is enabled and click on the “Create Web-to-Lead Form”
  3. After clicking on the “Create Web-to-Lead Form” button you’ll be taken to a page where you’ll select the fields you want filled out when someone shares their information from Twitter.  Please note that you’re limited to what data Twitter sends over.  Fields to consider would be lead source, twitter handle (custom field I created), first name, last name, and email address.  Click on the “Generate” button.web-to-lead-field-selection
  4. What we’ll get is the HTML needed to create a web-to-lead form.  Now, since we’re going to integrate with Twitter, we won’t actually use this HTML for its intended purposes.  We’re going to use it as a reference so we know how to fill out the fields in Twitter to setup the integration.
  5. Let’s go to Twitter now to setup the integration.  Navigate to your Twitter Card settings.  The section we’re interested in is called “Data Settings (Optional”.  The first thing we’ll need to do is set the “Submit URL”.  Go back to your Web-to-Lead form and find the action attribute from your form tag.  Mine is (and so is yours I would imagine)  This is what you you’ll put in the “Submit URL” field.  For the “HTTP Method” choose “POST”.
  6. Next you’ll need to set the user information fields.  For “Name”, unfortunately, they send the full name as one value so we’ll use our Last Name field in Salesforce to submit the information to.  Go back to your Web-to-Lead form and find the “Last Name” label.  You’ll find an input field next to it.  The Id in this field is what you need.  Mine is last_name.  Place this in the custom key name of the “Name” field.
  7. Continue this process for each of your fields.  Everything you need is in the Web-to-Lead form.  After you save your settings, Twitter will submit a test lead to confirm that the integration is working.

All Done!

Now you have Twitter and Salesforce integrated allowing leads generated from Twitter to feed right into your Salesforce Org. Best of luck on your next marketing campaign!

About Rob Martinez
Rob is the Founder and CEO at Kadence Collective. He is dedicated to helping businesses improve their sales processes, creating efficiencies, and gaining insights into their data to make more educated, actionable business decisions.
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