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We are driven by our clients’ success.  Here are a few examples of how we’ve leveraged the Salesforce platform to bring value, accuracy, and insights to our clients.

TechCanary is the leading insurance CRM software built on the Salesforce platform. Their Salesforce application is focused on improving the efficiency and effectiveness of front offices. At a technical level, TechCanary standardized insurance methodologies and designed a data model to facilitate ideas. With TechCanary, insurance agencies, MGAs, and insurers can easily adopt Salesforce while integrating their own unique business processes. TechCanary’s UI/UX along with a team of technical insurance-minded reps has made them the #1 insurance CRM software.

Tackling a new tech platform is a huge undertaking for any company. TechCanary’s (TC) focus was to design an intuitive UI/UX for their customers and ease the process of implementing a new CRM.

“Kadence opened doors that contributed to our acquisition”

Kadence supported TechCanary business growth through the following:

  • Development of TC’s Health Insurance Management product, using both declarative and code, along with dynamic UX components.
  • Incorporated financial software into the TC Salesforce package (managing claims, commissions, billing, etc.).
  • Implemented data models, automation, and integrations for TC’s clients who requested further Salesforce customization and support.
  • Architected several Salesforce Communities, ranging from carriers and agents to consumer customers.
  • Integrated secure government agency APIs into the TC package.
  • Professional services support for TC customers

Kadence’s strategic Salesforce support allowed TechCanary to focus on business development and growth. Kadence absorbed some of the technical debt that comes with a rapidly growing company by managing feedback from TC’s customers and being able to update based on feature requests and adjustments. As a result, TechCanary was able to grow their business to become #1 in the industry, resulting in an acquisition.

“Kadence was a true partner we trusted internally and to regularly support our clients. They helped us quickly expand on our property and casualty (P&C) solution with an employee benefits product – the first in the market to combine solutions. Kadence gave us a competitive advantage, brought new customers to TechCanary, and ultimately opened doors that contributed to our acquisition.”

Chris Phillips, President & Co-Founder, Tech Canary

Holt Cat/Texas First Rentals offers construction rental equipment ranging from aerial, dirt, and power equipment. The fluidity of the rental equipment space is fast-moving and requires many “boots on the ground”. Sales reps are primarily mobile and need to provide quotes/bids/estimates to their customers for different pieces of rental equipment. Customers must fill out a credit application and, upon approval, proceed with renting the desired equipment.

The largest obstacles Texas First Rentals faced were the adoption of Salesforce and the credit application process. For every credit application, a PDF was saved on a Sales rep’s desktop computer, printed, filled out manually, scanned, and emailed to their internal AR department. There was no way of tracking the volume of credit applications, status across teams, velocity of application completion, reminders for follow up, or version control over the documents. Their data was decentralized and Salesforce was used reactively post-sale, rendering all reporting/tracking unavailable.

“Digital Transformation Creating a 30% Boost in Leads”

Kadence Collective improved mobile features and solved all manual processes by digitizing the credit application and leveraging DocuSign. Kadence improved efficiency by generating automated reminders to Sales Reps and Prospects. The solution created cross-departmental transparency on the application status and allowed for stronger reporting throughout the sales process.

The new system improved efficiency between AR and Sales, and dropped credit application velocity from 1-2 weeks to 3-5 days.

Version control was solved, as only the most current versions of credit application forms are generated and sent via DocuSign.

Overall Salesforce adoption increased, resulting in 30% more leads.

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