3 Lessons from Salesforce Connections: Intelligent Marketing with Salesforce

A roundup of the best Salesforce Connections takeaways on how Salesforce enables intelligent marketing As consumers get more technologically driven, how we build strong relationships with customers and potential customers is changing. At Salesforce Connections this year, many sessions showcased some amazing intelligent marketing solutions through the use of consumer data. But 62% of consumers…

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Kadence Collective Relocating to the Tech District in San Antonio

Like many startups, Kadence Collective began on the kitchen table of Founder and Managing Director, Rob Martinez, in 2014. 6 months later, Tim Reyes, who also shared Rob’s vision, joined the Kadence team as co-owner. Since then, Kadence has undergone massive growth, more than doubling in the last 2 years alone, overflowing an office in…

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salesforce implementation partner
Why You Need a Salesforce Implementation Partner

If you’re reading this, you’ve purchased or are considering Salesforce as a CRM solution. We support that decision! The common question that most Salesforce clients ask themselves at some point is: Can I self implement or do I need to hire a Salesforce implementation partner? There’s a lot of information out there regarding the Salesforce implementation…

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The End-to-End Digital Sales Process in Salesforce

Salesforce is your sales organization’s most valuable tool for a strong digital sales process. By integrating technologies like  digital quoting and electronic signatures directly into your Salesforce CRM, you can help streamline every day sales processes (and close deals more efficiently). Closing the loop for your digital sales process, eSignLive for CPQ makes it easy for organizations to…

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A Day in the Life of a Salesforce Developer at Kadence Collective

Our new blog series, A Day in the Life, is a look into the life of a Kadence Collective Salesforce developer, Salesforce consultant, project manager, business analyst, marketer, and more. These articles provide some clarity about the work and lifestyle of each if you are interested in learning more about a career in technology and/or…

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The Anatomy of a Great Landing Page

Tips to Help You Stick The Landing on your Landing Pages A great landing page is a staple in any lead generation strategy. A landing page is a simple web page that is used to deliver valuable information and collect quality leads, in hopes that they will potentially be nurtured into customers. A strong landing…

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Business efficiency
Business Efficiency – Roundup of The Best Tips

Business efficiency matters, especially when it comes to small and medium-sized enterprises. Producing more (services or products), while spending less (money or time) is the ultimate goal. However, most growing businesses focus on only increasing profits and getting more sales, rather than also improving business efficiency. Shout out to our mission: To empower growing businesses to…

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Retail Technology
Is Retail Technology Boosting Holiday Sales?

We’ve all experienced it – a new retail technology is introduced into the market and it begins to shape the way we shop. According to a recent report by Market Track, 78% of younger shoppers (ages 18-29) said they prefer online shopping to traditional in-store experiences. Couple this with the recent impending death of brick…

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