artificial intelligence
How Artificial Intelligence Can Improve Your Sales Efficiency

Artificial Intelligence has been rapidly introduced and accepted into many aspects of our lives. We are living in a digital world where every online interaction – from purchase to web page view to social media like – is saved into an endless reservoir of data. While the subject of personal data is often a touchy…

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Generate More Leads Step 1: Set your goals

Are you constantly spinning your wheels to generate more leads? Do you know exactly how many leads you need to meet your revenue goals? Step 1: Set Your Lead Goal Knowing your lead goal is the first place to start! Before we get into the details of how to generate more leads, use our lead…

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Digitize your sales process
5 Key Takeaways from Kadence’s Digitize Your Sales Process

This past Wednesday, Kadence Collective, Salesforce, and eSignLive hosted Digitize Your Sales Process, a networking event. Attendees learned how to efficiently improve their sales process by strategically generating leads and by using digital tools, like Salesforce and eSignLive to efficiently close deals. Here are 5 key takeaways from the event: 1. Always know your buyer…

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Salesforce CPQ and eSignLive Will Help You Close Deals Faster

Once your marketing and sales teams have worked so diligently to attract, nurture, and guide your lead to the final stages of the sales process, now you want to know how your sales pros can close deals faster. And with only 35% of a salesperson’s time is available to selling, there’s not much time to…

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Lead Generation Strategy – 6 Key Points For Success

So you want to start a lead generation strategy? Here’s what you need to know first… The traditional buyer’s journey has been disrupted – more of your potential customers are researching and making purchasing decisions before ever even talking to a sales person. To take back some of the control and give your sales team…

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AcuScheduler – Amazingly Simple Scheduling for Salesforce

We’re extremely excited to announce our upcoming release of AcuScheduler. We’re currently on schedule for release early February 2017 and are currently offering demos of the product which can be signed up for here. So, what is AcuScheduler? AcuScheduler is our solution to handling complex appointment scheduling in Salesforce. What we’ve found over the years…

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Salesforce Process Builder
Beginner’s Guide to Salesforce Automation – Part 2: Process Builder

The Beginner’s Guide to Salesforce Automation, continued In Part I: Workflows, we learned how to automate a simple business process using a Salesforce workflow rule. You’ve witnessed how easy it is to configure Salesforce to free you from some manual business tasks. Now, I bet you’re wondering what other nifty tricks Salesforce has to make your life better. Enter Process Builder.  Part II:…

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Salesforce Automation
Beginner’s Guide to Salesforce Automation – Part 1: Workflows

The Beginner’s Guide to Salesforce Automation Congratulations on getting started with Salesforce! If you’re wondering where to start, may we suggest using it to automate your business processes? Your organization will immediately run more efficiently. To help you get going, we introduce The Beginner’s Guide to Salesforce Automation. In it, we dive-in from a beginner’s point-of-view covering Workflows, Lightning Process Builder, Visual Workflow,…

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Salesforce Summer ’15 Release – Highlights

Summer 15 is coming to a Salesforce org near you and is packed full of time saving and headache relieving features. Summer 15 is right around the corner.  There are a few key dates to make note of as we approach the upgrade: June 5th – The Second Release Weekend (NA6, NA7, NA8, NA9, NA17, NA18,…

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Twitter Lead Generation Card to Salesforce Integration

By Reducing Steps We Can Increase Prospect Engagement Twitter Lead Generation Cards make it easy for prospects to send you their information.  Rather than require prospects to go to your website, navigate to your contact form, and complete the form, they can send their information with a simple click of a button while staying within…

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