Dreamforce 2017 was a very anticipated event in the Salesforce community and for our team here at Kadence. For us, planning begins months in advance, our session with eSignLive was prepared and perfected, and we anxiously counted down the work days until Dreamforce. Once there, the inspiration-filled days seem to fly by, and before we know it, preparations for Dreamforce 2018 begin. Before we start the process over again for Dreamforce 2018, let’s look back at a few of our favorite moments and takeaways from Dreamforce 2017.

  1. #EqualityForAll  

We were thrilled to see that equality in the workplace, including equal rights, equal pay, equal opportunities, and equal access to education was an overarching theme at Dreamforce. That included a full day of sessions focused on the topic at the Equality Summit. Keynote speakers, like Academy Award-winning actress Natalie Portman, expressed her views on equality for all by encouraging women to be empowered to speak up, especially younger girls. And she shared her views on creating diversity in the workplace: “We’re not taking away seats from the table, we’re adding them. Inclusion is for the betterment of everyone.” Another notable keynote, award-winning actress Taraji P. Henson, voiced her opinion about fighting for equality in Hollywood: “I wake up every morning waiting for a fight. I can’t wait to meet the nay-sayers. Prove me wrong.”

  1. Michelle Obama inspired everyone

In a much-awaited interview with Marc Benioff, the former first lady graced the audience with messages of the importance of education and diversity in the workplace, relating back to the #EqualityForAll theme. She was amazingly inspirational, and we were so honored to see her speak!

  1. AI can be applied to every business

Possibly the buzzworthy topic of the year, artificial intelligence played a key role in Dreamforce 2017. Building upon the release of Salesforce Einstein last year, new features allowing companies to create even more intelligent experiences were released at Dreamforce 2017. This included the release of myEinstein, which enables a more user-friendly building and customization of AI with “clicks, not code.” In the “Future of AI Expert Panel”, moderated by Fortune’s, AI experts, Adam Lashinsky, Suchi Saria, Richard Socher, and Peter Norvig discussed how the technology is transforming the future of business. The panel explained how AI has become stronger at finding sequences in data that lead to achieving goals, and how AI can be applied to business today. “In order to deploy AI, you need to have a mindset that data is valuable, and that [you] want to do something with it,” stated Peter Norvig.

  1. The future of technology is in our hands

Dreamforce is the biggest tech conference in the U.S., so it is expected for the future of technology to be a big theme. IBM president, chairman, and CEO Ginni Rometty, gave a thought-provoking speech on how the power to impact the future of technology is in our hands, as technology leaders and users. “For those of us that make technology, it is our job to make sure it is ushered into the world the right way,” Ginni said.

Another notable keynote was Ashton Kutcher, founder of Thorn, which uses technology to defend children from sexual abuse. “Technology isn’t a tool for good or evil, it’s just a tool. You are the force for good, or for evil,” said Ashton.

If you missed it, don’t worry – Click here to watch the Recordings of Dreamforce keynotes, fireside chats, sessions, and breakout sessions.

We had a great time blazing trails and living the dream at Dreamforce, and we already can’t wait for next year!

Tim Reyes
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About the author : Tim Reyes

Tim Reyes is the co-owner of and Managing Director at Kadence Collective.

About Tim Reyes

Tim Reyes is the co-owner of and Managing Director at Kadence Collective.

Tim Reyes
Latest posts by Tim Reyes (see all)