Like many startups, Kadence Collective began on the kitchen table of Founder and Managing Director, Rob Martinez, in 2014. 6 months later, Tim Reyes, who also shared Rob’s vision, joined the Kadence team as co-owner. Since then, Kadence has undergone massive growth, more than doubling in the last 2 years alone, overflowing an office in Boerne, Texas, and launching a sister digital marketing company, Kadence Digital. But one thing remains constant – Kadence’s mission to empower growing businesses across the US, Texas, and San Antonio, to utilize the benefits of cloud software, Salesforce; and in turn contributing hugely to San Antonio’s economic development.

In this latest Kadence announcement, Martinez says: “It’s with great pride that we unveil the next big Kadence business development – moving offices to the downtown San Antonio Tech District, the heart of the city’s booming tech industry. We are excited to continue our pattern of rapid growth while contributing to the tech and business economy of San Antonio, a city we love and call home.”

Managing Directors, Rob Martinez, and Tim Reyes have raised their families in San Antonio, and are dedicated to giving back to the community, in part by adding to tech career opportunities in San Antonio. The Kadence San Antonio team includes experienced software developers, certified Salesforce consultants, and graduates from local software development career accelerator, Code Up. The combination of Kadence’s tech-focused team, as well as highly technical Salesforce services, were the key considerations that encouraged the move to the bustling San Antonio Tech District.

“We are such a highly tech-focused company that it just makes sense for us to be in the middle of where all the tech action is happening in San Antonio,” said Martinez. “Being more integrated with the San Antonio Tech District will allow us to continue to focus on partnerships and offerings that will contribute to the city’s overall tech economic growth.”

About the San Antonio Tech District

The birth of downtown San Antonio as the city’s tech district started 7 years ago when the coworking space, Geekdom, moved downtown. Their vision was to create a technology hub in downtown San Antonio, attracting the best and brightest minds in the technology industry to dream up new ideas, launch companies and create the next 10,000 new jobs for the city. According to Lorenzo Gomez, CEO of Geekdom,” The reason tech startups are so vital to the future of San Antonio’s economy is because historically small businesses provide 55 percent of all jobs since the 1970s, according to U.S. Small Business Administration data”.

Kadence Collective is excited to join the San Antonio Tech District, continue to provide high-quality technology services and offer lucrative career options for the talented and diverse San Antonio market.

Where to Find Kadence Collective

Kadence Collective will be located in the World Trade Building.

If you’re in the neighborhood, come say hello, we’d love to answer any inquiries on how Salesforce can grow your business. Stay tuned for our grand opening celebration in the upcoming weeks!

About the author : Alicia Palomares

Alicia is a Digital Marketing Analyst for Kadence Digital.

About Alicia Palomares

Alicia is a Digital Marketing Analyst for Kadence Digital.